Political Transparency

Nowadays, a lot of political issues are coming up which deafens us to know the truth. Almost every concept that runs from the government are all convincing which could really make us believe their doing stuff in an honest and transparent way.From the tenure of every elected government official, issues keep on coming so vague. Dressed in a well-ironed and classy attire, which almost every citizen have looked up to, always convince the citizen's mind that they are working for the welfare of all, unknowingly, the darkest secrets that lie in every head. Consequently, poverty-stricken people could hardly uplift their lifestyle because of so many issues in government that could only add to social problems. And when a problem arises, who are the unlucky ones? The people who don't care about his/her environment and those who know nothing about the ways of true government. I'm not saying here that im a perfect individual, but im only sharing my knowledge to all so that no one will be a victim of injustice.

What is transparency then?It is a way of doing things like open meetings, disclosure of all financial statements, of having the liberty of information legislation, plan or budgetary reviews or audits, etc. So nice to know these things in which we can definitely believe that only when every official person are doing these kind of practice. If and only if political tranparency could be a habit, political problems perhaps can be lessed or can be eradicated.Let us not prolong ourselves to suffer the indifference, bitterness, and economic crisis, rather let us know the root cause of our society's dilemma and do what leads to its remedy. We can not carry a life sized mirror to let ourselves know what we're doing, and such is a silly idea but that is where transparency is created from. If we could just imagine, what a good society to have when transparency prevails. No more nuissance, no more backbiting, no more degrading, and no more corruption.

One society plus one goal equals success!So, A single thing to create change must start from within. Hence, not only official ranked persons, be it in government or private, but every citizen must practice the principle of transparency. Let us inculcate in our minds the benefit that brings with it where people of all lifestyle category can enjoy. Moreover, transparency builds the idea of fairness. To be fair is to be good- to be good for the society. Though I cannot say, things I mentioned above are that easy to do but with great patience and discipline, achievement is merely an inch away. It is just a psychological set up of our minds to do when we really want something to attain.So, i must say, let us help our government to way of transparency. Let us build a nation with ideas that springs up from the goodness of our intentions and plans.

Presidential Candidates See No Reason to make New York a Part of It

New York was once the Mecca of electoral activity. From 1812-1968, it had the most electoral votes in the nation, with its high watermark being in the 1930's, when that state garnered a formidable 47 Electoral Votes. For much of that time period, New York was a swing state. The result of this is that political parties would sometimes nominate New Yorkers for President, hoping that they would secure their home state's electoral goldmine.In 1884, the Empire state decided the Presidency with the state's incumbent Governor Grover Cleveland winning his home state by just 1,047 votes. Four years later, Cleveland was denied re-election. The deciding state was once again New York, which Cleveland lost by just 7,187 votes. From 1920-1944, the Democratic Party nominated a New York resident on every national ticket, save one. In 1920, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the Vice Presidential nominee.

In 1928, New York Governor Al Smith topped the ticket as the Presidential nominee. In 1932, 1936, 1940, and 1944, the Democrats nominated Roosevelt. In fact, in 1944, the Republicans countered by nominating New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey to run against Roosevelt, a former Governor of the state. Both Presidential candidates hailed from the same county, Duchess County.Presidential candidates spent an inordinate amount of time barnstorming the state of New York. The road to the Presidency invariably led through the Empire state. Candidates were forced to listen to the concerns of New Yorkers.Today, New York has almost no electoral leverage. It is a foregone conclusion that New York will select the Democratic Presidential nominee because of the large Democratic presence in New York City. Candidates use the Big Apple only as an ATM, landing in New York City, speaking to benefactors, collecting donations, and using the money to campaign in battleground states. In the 2008 Presidential election, the two major Party Presidential nominees, John McCain and Barack Obama, made a combined 62 campaign stops in Ohio, while only parachuting into New York to increase their war chests.The Long Island fisherman, the wine producer in the New York Finger Lakes region, and the family trying to rise above the poverty line in Harlem have no voice in Presidential politics. They have disparate concerns, ideologies, and life perspectives.

Ironically however, all share a common interest in supporting the National Popular Vote Initiative (NPVI), an interstate compact in which participating states would award their electoral votes to the person who secures the most votes nationally. Only then will the voices of New Yorkers be listened to in Presidential elections. A vote in Ohio would no longer be more coveted than a vote in New York.For a New Yorker to defend the current system, he/she must accept the fact that residents of the third largest state in the nation will continue to be ignored, while Presidential candidates will continue to solicit wealthy New York residents for donations to spend their money to cultivate support in battleground states.

Human Rights Violations in The USA

The United States is the worlds biggest violator of human rights, since the and why do I say this? Any time senators pass laws that allow a person's children to be removed from a home, with out due cause, it is a human rights violation. When child protective services can enter your home, remove your children, and not allow the parents to see them, it is a human rights violation. When child protective services can have your child placed on mind altering drugs, it's a human rights violation. When a school wants your child placed on medication, because they will receive funds from the drug maker. It's a human rights violation. When the person that decides your child's future has little more that a high school diploma, it's a human rights of this takes me back to Nazi Germany, when families were torn a part in the middle of the night, by SS one wants to believe this is happening in this country.

Most certainly not in the land of the free.Since the passage of the Mondale Act in 1974, families have been torn apart, children have been seized, adopted, never to see their parents again.Anyone can say you are abusing your child, and they will be picked up.Children are being snatched from loving homes every day, because of this a child is picked up, CPS is going to receive over 200.000 dollars, which will be divided between specific case worker, counselors, and foster parents.these children are placed with specific foster parents, because they are to be brain-washed, and taught how to behave, all of this is done in preperation for them receiving mental care. Eventually they will receive mind-altering a foster parent cares for a child classified as having "behavior problems", the parent receives more compensation. If that child is actually sent to a hospital. they are classified as being "institutionalized", the pay more than doubles.

Parents that try to fight this abuse, find themselves up against a brick wall, because people believe the state is always right, and you must be a "bad person".If your child is in custody for 18 months, they can put them up for adoption. Don't think someone new will adopt your child, because, that won't happen. They knew who wanted your child, before they were picked counselors, case workers, CASA, and GAL, all work to gain your child's confidence, and they are coached in what to say, but remember, you can't see your a school hotlines you, they will get money from the drug company, and payments go to the teachers union.Usuall, there are specific teachers in schools that work directly with Child Protective Services, these teachers have children identified for the worker, they put a plan in motion to set the parents up. The CPS officer will hot-line you, all of this is done to build a you know of a child that is being abused, or harmed in any way, try hot-lining the parent. You will probably never have a response to your tip, because the system is not equipped to deal with children in a real crisis. This is most unfortunate, because there a thousands of children that need you have experienced any of these problems, you can visit the blog legally kidnapped, you will find links there to other sites. One person can't fight this alone, united we are strong.