Human Rights Violations in The USA

The United States is the worlds biggest violator of human rights, since the and why do I say this? Any time senators pass laws that allow a person's children to be removed from a home, with out due cause, it is a human rights violation. When child protective services can enter your home, remove your children, and not allow the parents to see them, it is a human rights violation. When child protective services can have your child placed on mind altering drugs, it's a human rights violation. When a school wants your child placed on medication, because they will receive funds from the drug maker. It's a human rights violation. When the person that decides your child's future has little more that a high school diploma, it's a human rights of this takes me back to Nazi Germany, when families were torn a part in the middle of the night, by SS one wants to believe this is happening in this country. Most certainly not in the land of the free.Since the passage of the Mondale Act in 1974, families have been torn apart, children have been seized, adopted, never to see their parents again.

Anyone can say you are abusing your child, and they will be picked up.Children are being snatched from loving homes every day, because of this a child is picked up, CPS is going to receive over 200.000 dollars, which will be divided between specific case worker, counselors, and foster parents.these children are placed with specific foster parents, because they are to be brain-washed, and taught how to behave, all of this is done in preperation for them receiving mental care. Eventually they will receive mind-altering a foster parent cares for a child classified as having "behavior problems", the parent receives more compensation. If that child is actually sent to a hospital. they are classified as being "institutionalized", the pay more than doubles.Parents that try to fight this abuse, find themselves up against a brick wall, because people believe the state is always right, and you must be a "bad person".If your child is in custody for 18 months, they can put them up for adoption.

Don't think someone new will adopt your child, because, that won't happen. They knew who wanted your child, before they were picked counselors, case workers, CASA, and GAL, all work to gain your child's confidence, and they are coached in what to say, but remember, you can't see your a school hotlines you, they will get money from the drug company, and payments go to the teachers union.Usuall, there are specific teachers in schools that work directly with Child Protective Services, these teachers have children identified for the worker, they put a plan in motion to set the parents up. The CPS officer will hot-line you, all of this is done to build a you know of a child that is being abused, or harmed in any way, try hot-lining the parent. You will probably never have a response to your tip, because the system is not equipped to deal with children in a real crisis. This is most unfortunate, because there a thousands of children that need you have experienced any of these problems, you can visit the blog legally kidnapped, you will find links there to other sites. One person can't fight this alone, united we are strong.